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It all starts with


As your agency grows, you’ll reach a tipping point – a time when you’re unable to monitor everything that’s going on in your agency. You’ll find yourself pulled in two different directions, struggling to balance your growing strategic responsibilities, and your need to oversee the agency’s everyday operation.


With each new employee and project, it became harder and harder for me to keep track of the agency’s performance.
Mistakes started to happen, and profitability suffered.

Nicolas Jacobeus, CEO

As a result, your agency begins to



You have too much work one month, and too little the month after.


Hiring and firing decisions become wild guesses.


Skilled employees end-up doing unskilled work.


Deadlines get missed and customers are disappointed.


You spend your time putting-out fires, instead of making the big strategic decisions your agency needs to grow.


Your agency’s profit margins disappear, and you end up tired, stressed and frustrated.

So, how do you regain control of your agency?

Regaining Control

To regain control over your growing agency, you need a way to unlock clear, simple insight into your agency’s performance.


how your employees' skills and time are allocated.


your most profitable projects and increase billable hours.


future capacity accurately, and plan for your agency’s future.


and improve your agency’s key performance metrics (KPIs).

Some agencies turn to whiteboards and spreadsheets; others turn to feature-rich project management tools. Unfortunately, both present problems for the busy agency founder.

Whiteboards and spreadsheets are too simple.

Though useful for simple resource allocation, they make it difficult to plan ahead, and even harder to understand key performance metrics. These problems amplify as your agency grows.

Project management tools are too complex.

Project management tools are often packed-full of complex functionality and unnecessary features. These can create serious barriers to use: making it difficult for employees to track time and manage their work, and difficult for you to quickly and effectively oversee your agency’s performance.

Your Agency’s Secret Weapon

Thankfully, your agency doesn’t need to be powerless in the face of mounting problems. There’s a third choice, a secret weapon designed explicitly for agency founders battling with their own “Tipping Point” problems.

The Scale Resource Management Solution

Get exclusive access to Scale: a purpose-built, streamlined resource management platform, designed to provide everything you need to manage the health and profitability of your agency.

Scale was built by agency founders, for agency founders, and offers solutions to the biggest problems faced by growing agencies:

  • Manage deadlines, plan budgets and measure progress with a simple and accurate project planning interface.
  • Use intuitive timesheets to track and increase billable work.
  • Easily assign the right employees to the right projects with Scale’s visual scheduling tool.
  • Manage your own time and work at the click of a button.
  • Quickly analyse the health and performance of your agency, tracking KPIs from project profitability to employee utilisation.
Expert Agency-Specific Consultation

Get expert help and guidance from Scale CEO Nicolas: the founder of a successful digital agency, and somebody who’s seen (and survived) the Tipping Point first-hand.

He’ll show you how to improve your agency’s Resource Management, and transform your agency’s profitability. With a regular consultation call, customised to your agency’s unique needs, he’ll help you completely transform your agency’s performance.

You’ll learn how to:
  • Effectively manage your project portfolio and work pipeline.
  • Organise work to optimise profitability and increase billable hours.
  • Hire the right people, in terms of skills, experience and contract type.
  • Identify your most profitable projects.
  • Discover which customer relationships to nurture, and which to fire.
  • Set up efficient processes to streamline agency performance.
  • Determine crucial KPIs to analyse the health of your agency.
  • Motivate your team and improve your customer relationships.

We used to draw our team planning on a whiteboard. Scale has made it so much easier to share it with our remote team, and we finally have space to write down new ideas!

Aurélien Vecchiato, COO

Ready to unlock your agency’s profit potential?

Whether you’re a fast growing agency startup or an established agency in need of help, we’ll give you the tools, expertise and experience you need to grow in a healthy, sustainable way.

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