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The fast-evolving world startups live in requires a wide array of expertise and qualities difficult to find in one individual hire. Add to that the time-sensitive nature of a startup’s valley of death, and one hiring mistake can quickly turn into a nightmare.

The margin for error is so small and the product development timeline so short that most startups end up not making it – not necessarily because they can’t, but because they run out of time.

This is where Belighted comes into play, by providing a “super developer” to boost a startup’s capability for a defined period of time, without breaking the bank.

For the same cost as hiring only one developer, we provide a product development team comprising:

  • Developer: a full-time, remote, senior-level developer
  • Tech lead: a part-time tech lead in charge of quality assurance, technical choices and product backlog management, who also functions as an interface between you and the developer.
  • Manager: a part-time manager leading product strategy and roadmap discussions

How can we provide a team for the same cost as an individual hire?

By leveraging our extensive developer network, we are able to not only select and hire the best developers for the job but we tap into the domain expertise and experience of our tech leads and managers. This input, though requiring relatively little additional time, brings great returns including faster development for critical timelines.

You can expect performance on 3 key success drivers when you engage a Belighted team:

  1. Lightning Speed Onboarding
  2. Product Driven Web Development
  3. Training And Handover

One of the many startups we help ship products on time, Neveo, put it like this: “Working with Belighted allowed us to do in 2 months what we wanted to do in one year.