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SaaS metrics - which ones really matter?

If you’re building or growing a SaaS product, you likely know by now there are a lot of metrics you can use to measure how your business is doing. In fact, the sheer number of SaaS metrics can be overwhelming if you’re new to the software-as-a-service world.

At Belighted, we discuss KPIs (key performance indicators) with clients in our scoping workshop. It’s one of the components of the Lean Canvas. And it’s an obsessive focus for many SaaS founders.

Let’s step back together and look at the most important SaaS metrics for a minute.

When a project goes international


Recently, one of our customers asked us to help them expand their market to a new country: France. Peek behind the scenes to see what we did and then check out the results in the case study for Listminut.

Journée Entrepreneurs ce 17 mars 2012

Je présenterai le parcours et l’historique de Belighted depuis sa création lors de la Journée Entrepreneurs organisée par la société Mumbl Limited ce samedi 17 mars à Gembloux (Belgique).

English-speaking Fridays

At Belighted, we have native French and Dutch speakers. However, the language used for informal communication in our team is French, as we are located in the Walloon Region of Belgium (and, to be honest, also because the Dutch level of most of our French-speaking guys is not that impressive!). But, …

Introducing our newest product: Monassoc

This week, we released the new website for our web application called “Monassoc”. What is Monassoc? In a few words, “Monassoc” is a hosted platform/CMS for associations and groups. It allows you to create a blog, a forum, pages, photo galleries, and mana …

A new tool for web designers on Facebook

Professionals working on the web are always looking for the best opportunities to show their work to partners and potential new customers. Up until now, there was the possibility to show screenshots of your websites on so-called “CSS galleries” such as “Web Creme” or "CSS Dr …

Rails Rumble and working on internal projects

About two weeks ago, we participated in “Rails Rumble 2008”, a contest for Rails development teams all around the world, where they have to develop a fully functional version of an application in only a week-end. The choice of the application was made free, and the rules spe …