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React and React Native Directories Management

If you use React or React Native, you may have noticed your directory pathways sometimes look like this when you want to import something from another folder inside your components:

import NavigationBar from '../../../components/ui/NavigationBar;

Those ‘../../..’ are a nightmare to handle in your project and can be a real mess when you want to keep your project maintanable for everyone.

In this article, we will explore a better way to handle folders inside React and React native applications.

How we test our Rails projects (1/3)


This series of blog posts will explain how we write automatic tests for our Rails projects. It will be split in 3 parts discussing the following topics :

Implementing multiple table inheritance in Rails

Rails’ way of representing model inheritance in the database is called single table inheritance, but this technique is only appropriate in specific cases. Here we propose a simple implementation of an alternative representation called multiple table inheritance.