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About the client

A Luxembourgish startup wanted to develop a property rental service marketplace for luxury vacations and business rentals. The client came to us with a comprehensive set of specifications for features to develop for the website.

The challenges

The client wanted the website to highlight the luxurious side of listed rental properties with a simple and clean user interface. The interface had to be logically responsive. It also had to be presented in several languages, with an advanced search system. 

As in any marketplace, the application needed to provide benefit to partners. In this case, we needed to be able to showcase properties or goods that corresponded with partners when desired.

An advanced management interface needed to be developed to manage the platform in the simplest manner possible.

The solution

Chic Stay had a fairly clear idea of what they needed from the start. Once we agreed on effort and deliverables of the project, we got to work.

We worked in parallel on two elements, the creation of the design and the development of functionality. This saved valuable time. 

We created the first version of the design and then iterated on that with the client to arrive at a design that we could integrate into the application when it was ready.

As we developed the features, we regularly put updates on a server to allow the client to see the evolution of the project. This facilitated feedback that we could implement as we worked.

The results

ChicStay can now rent properties directly to consumers, and partners can also use the site to list rental properties. Partners can use the platform to create their own branded impression by changing certain elements for an appearance that's independent of the original site.

Belighted delivered an application that met the needs of the customer and could be scaled as the marketplace grew. It is still used today.

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