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The client

A Luxembourgish startup wants to develop a properties rental service for luxury vacations and business rentals. To develop the project, the client gave us a set of comprehensive specifications of features that the site had to offer.

The need

The site aims to be able to highlight the luxurious side of the rental properties with a simple and clean user interface. This interface must logically be responsive. It must also be presented in several languages and propose an advanced search system. The application should allow partners to benefit from it as well, to have a site reflected them on a certain number of goods that correspond with them. An advanced management interface should be developed so as to manage the platform the simplest manner possible.

Our approach

Based on the specifications, we agreed on the workload that represented the project. We worked from this in parallel on two elements, the creation of the design and the development of features. We proposed a design to the client on which we have iterated to obtain a design that was integrated into the application. Over the developments, we regularly put them on a server to allow the client to see the evolution of the project over the weeks and to give us his returns during the time of development.

The result

Belighted provided an application that meets the needs of the customer and that is used today. The customer can now rent the properties he references. The customer can open up access to its service to partners by limiting the properties they could handle. These partners have the ability to change certain elements that will change the look of the site to make them independent of the original site.