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The customer

Keybate is a Belgian technology startup that aims to facilitate interaction and networking between people at meetings and conferences.

The need

Asking to speak by patiently raising the hand without any guarantee that you will be given the opportunity to do so, or having to move a microphone from one corner of the lecture room to the other: all these are common discomforts during Q&A sessions that the client wanted to solve by developing a modern and efficient solution.

Our approach

We proposed to the customer a way of working based on their needs, in order to provide a suitable technical solution. This included a major technical challenge: to get a high enough sound quality by avoiding, among others, echo and audio feedback. A little of in-house R&D allowed us to determine what would be the best technology to use. Our wish was to build upon existing, proven technologies and not having to "reinvent the wheel", which also had the advantage of limiting the costs of the project. In the same idea, we encouraged the client to develop a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) which has the following advantages:

  • to validate the concept
  • to validate the functioning of the application
  • to show the application and its added-value to investors

The result

We developed a real-time web interface for the speaker’s use and a native mobile application for attendees to structure interactions at conferences. In addition to allowing them to interact with each other, the mobile application enables attendees to request the floor. Once it is granted, the question can be asked directly via the microphone of the attendee’s smartphone, a connection being established with the audio system of the lecture room. The application allows the lecturer to moderate the Q&A sessions by identifying the person and the subject of his speech before granting the floor.

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