Music Explorer | Belighted portfolio

The customer

Brandcasterz is a communication agency, located in Paris.

The need

Brandcasterz has been charged by France Télévision with the communication around the music program Music Explorer, broadcasted on France Ô during summer 2014. Brandcasterz contacted Belighted to develop the website of the show.

Our approach

In order to establish an accurate and realistic budgetary offering, we proposed to the customer to analyze the project for two days and to provide him with mockups containing the requested features of the future web application. This step allowed us to validate the structure of the application with the customer.

Then we proposed a design, on which several exchanges with the customer took place, according to the different responsive formats requested.

These preparatory steps allowed us to develop the application in accordance with the deadlines imposed by the launch of the show.

The outcome

At the end of the project, Brandcasterz had a fully responsive web application connected to Facebook.