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The customer

The association Permanence Soins à Domicile offers its users an efficient service of telesecretariat and hotline, available 24 hours a day. Established in 1991 and based in Namur, it now has thirty employees and several thousand subscribers.

The need

Given its success, Permanence Soins à Domicile was recently confronted with difficulties in organizing the schedule of its teams. The limits of its tool being reached, the company wanted to equip itself with a schedule management application that enables it to ensure each month optimal planning and to automate the calculation of performed hours, paid leaves, extra hours...

Our approach

Based on the specifications and a meeting with the client, we were able to make an offer for the development of the project.

Several meetings were held during the project to present the progress of the developments and support teams taking in hand the application. These meetings with end users of the application allowed us to adapt the user interface according to the usage patterns (keyboard navigation, limited use of the mouse...).

To check the implemented logic, we have worked directly with real data, allowing customers to easily and quickly validate the functionality of the application.

The outcome

The result is a full-web application, with different levels of access to manage schedules. An administration interface is also available.