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The customer

Yellow.lu is the online directory of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. It offers a search service for private individuals, professionals, business news but also a varied offer of promotions solutions intended for professionals.

The need

Yellow has the largest database of service providers in Luxembourg. The company wants to leverage this knowledge and start a new service to put the general public in contact with different service providers: Supplify.

Our approach

Our client’s approach for this project is to be "lean". First of all, we precisely identified the demand, needs and goals to define a clear and comprehensive roadmap, organized by step (sprint). The developments priority order has thus considered technical constraints as much as business requirements. This helped to rapidly deliver the key features of the application and gather the feedbacks of users in a short period of time. Thanks to an agile development, these comments on differentiators were able to be integrated in the early versions of the application. Another advantage of working by sprint was to be able to parallelize the phases of development and testing / acceptance. In this way, the client had sufficient time to test the tool and provide full feedback.

The outcome

Belighted offered an application perfectly matching what the customer had imagined. Two differentiators characterize the platform, namely the access to the widest repertoire of suppliers for the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and an easy communication between suppliers and customers. Through an interface between Supplify and the API of Yellow.lu, the user accesses transparently and quickly the entire known and updated suppliers. As for communication between suppliers and customers, Belighted, for example, set up a secure link generation system that allows providers to be aware of inquiries from potential customers and respond without having to register. This system facilitates the use of the platform and therefore improves its utilization and market penetration rates.