Belighted portfolio | Veed

The customer

Veed is a startup founded in London in 2014 by two friends. Their idea is to develop a service to collect and organize videos from multiple sources (social networks).

The need

One of the two founders is mobile developer. The duo is looking for advice and expertise for the development of the back-end.

The back-end must connect with multiple social networks to collect video or audio content.

An API provides access to the information retrieved from the back-end to be used within the mobile application.

Our approach

We proposed a development in stages based on the agile method. A kick-off meeting of two days has been programmed to determine the precise needs and define a roadmap.

We suggested integrating the service only to Facebook in the first place to establish the foundations of the application and validate some business concepts.

For each of the following stages, the features to develop have been delineated and defined in advance. Time has been left between each feature to allow the customers to integrate the mobile application to the API and send us comments or change requests.

The outcome

At the end of the project, the customers had the use of an API fully integrated in the mobile application, with a back-end connecting to Facebook, Youtube and Soundcloud to retrieve media.

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