Belighted portfolio | Visyos

The customer

Visyos (Visualize your osteotomy) is the project of a spin-off from the Université Catholique de Louvain. This spin-off helps orthopedic surgeons to plan and perform osteotomies.

The need

The creation of the spin-off required the development of a platform to structure the many interactions needed between surgeons and engineers and centralize medical images (MRI, scan ...) and modeled 3D images. Surgeons using more and more tablets, the project was expanded to developing an iOS application to speed decision making and communication between stakeholders.

Our approach

The work was oriented around the following elements:

  • integration with platforms and use of best practices in the medical world (DICOM, PACS...)
  • review of the application usability
  • formalization of a working process for engineers and surgeons.

The outcome

From now on, the information for each patient is centralized in one place and the users of the interface have a general vision of their current records. The exchanges between stakeholders are today done in a more secure environment. The information is now available even in the operating room with the Visyos native iPad application, a tool widely used by surgeons.

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