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The customer is the online directory of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. It offers a search service for private individuals, professionals, business news but also a varied offer of promotions solutions intended for professionals.

The need

The customer had a fully operational existing web platform, but wanted to modernize it to project a more dynamic image. The main problem lay in the migration, which by the nature of the client, was relatively substantial given the significant volume of data. In addition to the fact of avoiding any loss of data, we also had to maintain the proper SEO of the site and to provide the shortest response time possible for researches done on the website.

Our approach

Given the importance of the project, which mobilized 4 developers and a project manager for about 7 months, several phases have been defined and then prioritized by the customer. Each of them referred to a precise specification, having been the subject of discussion for the drafting of the offer. The advantage of this method is that it allows to work on multiple stages in parallel, but remaining independent of each other at the same time. The tasks were cut by specialization: frontend, backend design and integration. Belighted was in charge of project management, but was working with an external designer and a team, consisting of developers. Belighted divided the tasks according to the availability of each person.

The result

The new site has been completely rewritten. It is now responsive and with a modern design. The platform is functional and the results in terms of performance levels are high. Furthermore, the good SEO was preserved.

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