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Back-end Developer

Ruby on Rails Belighters are passionate about both the products they develop and the way in which they develop them. They use their engineering mindset to solve problems and ship products efficiently – accomplishing much more than just writing code.

Ruby on Rails Belighters are product-obsessed software engineers who evaluate all of their work through the lens of user experience. They look to strike a balance between productivity and optimization. Continuous delivery, test driven development and code review for every change introduced into our codebase are some of the core principles they follow.

What a Belighted Ruby on Rails developer can do for you

Our Ruby on Rails developers know how to take full advantage of the Rails framework to help you launch your product inside of tight deadlines.

Leading projects from concept to successful deployment:
  • Lead product features from concept to implementation to deployment
  • Interact with product manager daily
  • Interact with UI designer on a regularly
Maximizing performance:
  • Design, build, and maintain efficient and reliable Ruby code
  • Ensure the best possible performance and quality of applications
  • Write brand new code and expand existing code
  • Write unit, functional, and integration tests
Building in efficient scalability considerations:
  • Apply scalable application fundamental design principles as needed
  • Scale applications as user bases grow
  • Identify bottlenecks and bugs, devise solutions
  • Help maintain code quality, organization, and automation

Qualifications you can rely on

Our Ruby on Rails developers have all created a number of fully-formed software products that are in use today. Their accomplishments and qualifications are matched to your requirements during our rigorous team assignment process.

Senior level qualifications as standard:
  • Minimum 5+ years of experience in web-based, highly-scalable environments
  • Ability to implement automated testing platforms and unit tests
  • Can accurately set timelines and clearly define specifications
  • Ability to work fast and manage trade-offs when faced with short deadlines
Expertise in leading applications and requirements:
  • Experience building and maintaining high-quality Ruby on Rails applications, with excellent knowledge of Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, Unix, deployment, performance, debugging, refactoring, design patterns, and other programming practices and tools
  • Knowledge of agile methodologies and commitment to automated testing

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