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What does Belighted do?

We are a network of software development experts helping startups ship product on time by temporarily boosting their development capabilities.

For the same cost of hiring an employee, you tap into a temporary team composed of a full-time senior developer, a part-time tech lead and a part-time manager. Our approach eliminates the risks associated with hiring full-time personnel without sacrificing the quality of the product.

We prepare from day one to make eventual handoff to your team seamless, allowing you to stay nimble when you need it most.

How is Belighted different from other software development agencies?

We have devised an approach that gives you access to a better skillset at a lower cost than you would find if you were to hire a development agency.

Most agencies just provide you with developers who are good at writing code, and maybe sometimes at listening and understanding your needs. Our blended skills system provides you with a packaged solution addressing all the skills necessary for optimal product development including understanding your needs, writing specifications, providing advice and roadmap assistance, and of course top-notch coding. This is all for the cost of hiring one full-time developer.

Why shouldn’t I just hire a developer directly?

Many startups look to hire a full-time developer. But you are aware of the risks: No single person can do everything perfectly. It takes time to onboard a new employee. And if you realize midway that he or she isn’t going to work out, your entire product development timeline will be thrown off.

Consider the Belighted approach: You access the breadth and depth of a highly experienced three-person team. You don’t have to onboard, train and motivate the developers – we manage that. We have organized processes for quality assurance and writing documentation, relying on our collective industry expertise and experience. You don’t have to pay for payroll taxes, health insurance and other benefits and we don’t ask for equity or raises.

Our team assumes the risk of assembling the right people for the engagement – all for the same cost you would pay an internal employee.

How do your fees work?

For the cost of hiring a developer, you gain the invaluable expertise of a senior developer, a tech lead and a manager to ensure we accomplish your mission.

This is all wrapped into a simple daily fee based on a 50-hour workweek: 40 hours/week for your full-time developer, 8 hours/week for your part-time tech lead and 2 hours/week for your part-time manager. That’s all.

When you outsource your software development to Belighted, you eliminate the cost of in-house salaries, retirement benefits, paid vacations and 401Ks. Instead, you pay only for what you need, for as long as you need it. Belighted’s mission is simple: deploy the right expertise at the right time to deliver products on time and on budget.

How can you provide a team for the same cost as hiring one employee?

Our approach allows us to keep costs low by streamlining areas that may slow down others, including our lightning speed onboarding process and preparing for handover throughout a project. Our processes ensure efforts go where needed, as reflected in transparent fees that leave no room for inefficiencies. We are able to minimize the overhead fees that plague many agencies and developer firms. Additionally, our processes take care of the team as well as the client, enabling us to maintain relationships with top talent in an extensive developer network.

Do you require a minimum contract commitment?

We do require a minimum commitment of 3 months, but after that you pay only for the period you need us.

What’s more, you can set our involvement level according your evolving needs. If you’re like most startups, once the development rush has passed, the product has shipped and/or the next round of investment has been secured, we can scale back to a maintenance level or simply hand over the torch, documenting, training and coaching new teams on the work completed.

The beauty of our model is flexibility. You can turn us on and off as you see fit with a minimum block of 3 months.

Who will I be interacting with?

Your three-person team will meet with you every week and your developer will be in constant contact through your tech lead, working full-time on your project, every day of the week (and weekends when needed). Our teams are adept at working across time zones and cultures.

Who are your developers?

Our developers are the best and brightest pros in the industry. Each developer on a Belighted team has been hand selected and trained to meet our standards of excellence.

To ensure we deliver a perfect match for a team’s requirements, your manager first performs a needs assessment and then assigns a senior resource with the required experience. All of our developers are senior level and hold a minimum of 5 years’ experience in the applicable environment or software.

What if I am unsatisfied with my developer?

Our nimble approach mitigates this risk for you, with rapid sourcing and onboarding to keep the focus on meeting your critical deadlines. Another developer will be assigned, and your tech lead will jump in to ensure a seamless transition.