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Don't build your software product without this Power Checklist

How do you take your new product from idea to thriving business model?

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Belighted - Power Checklist - Cover - Large

Here's your cheat sheet.

Get your copy of the formula used by successful software product innovators and inspired by the Running Lean process. Distilled down into handy checklist format, it's like a complete course outline for building and growing a software product. 

In this powerful series of checklists, you'll find:

  • The 5 stages of a software product innovation - and what needs to happen during each. So you can see easily where you stand today.
  • 50 checkpoints broken down by stage - in plain language. Whether you're the non-technical founder or a CTO, you can see the things you should have already done, plus what's still ahead of you.
  • Which activities make sense for outsourcing - and when. You need to be nimble and lean. Deciding how much to invest in which activities is critical. Don't allocate resources without checking this list first!
You'll find everything you need to consider from idea through research, planning, development, launch and growth, distilled down into a checklist you can come back to again and again...
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