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Time is money

In an agency, time is quite literally money: time spent in the past determines how much you bill, and your growth is fundamentally reliant on yourteam utilization in the future. Time management is essential, both at the individual level and for the team as a whole.

Our mission is to provide you with the best tool to manage time, both past and future, for managers and all team members. We believe efficient scheduling, time tracking and reporting of this information are paramount to your success, and we want to see you achieve it.

They're on Scale

We used to draw our team planning on a whiteboard. Scale has made it so much easier to share it with our remote team, and we finally have space to write down new ideas!

Aurelien VecchiatoAurelien Vecchiato — Belighted

Scale is so fast and easy ! I use it both for my personal and professional life. To manage my company's projects, the calendar of my team, my homeworking days, you name it… Everything I need to manage goes through Scale.

Aurelien VecchiatoHelen Keufgens — Cogen


30 days free — No credit card required

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Free 30-day trial — No credit card required