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Profit & Growth Tips for Digital Agencies

The 4 Step Process to Stop You Making the Wrong Hiring Decisions

Posted by Nicolas Jacobeus on Nov 23, 2016

Hiring just one wrong person can have a huge, destabilising impact on your agency, affecting not just your cash flow, but your team morale as well. Having a clearly defined hiring process is essential for helping you avoid the biggest hiring mistakes: hiring the wrong person, or hiring for the wrong skillset or level of seniority.

Today I’m sharing one of the most important processes your agency needs: an easy-to-follow, 4-step hiring process.

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The Profitable Agency’s Toolkit

Posted by Nicolas Jacobeus on Nov 16, 2016

Running a digital agency in a manageable and profitable way requires a huge amount of work. Using the right tools can facilitate the day-to-day running of your agency and the work your team does. Today I’m looking at 9 tools that every digital agency needs in their toolkit, to help you operate in a profitable way.

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What is the Most Important KPI to Track, to Improve Agency Profitability?

Posted by Nicolas Jacobeus on Nov 9, 2016

To monitor the health and profitability of your agency, it’s essential to track a whole host of crucial Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). While no one metric in isolation can reveal the whole picture, and you should always look at your agency’s key metrics in combination to understand the context of the data, there’s one KPI that is particularly useful.

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Want to Sell Your Digital Agency? Make Yourself Useless

Posted by Nicolas Jacobeus on Nov 2, 2016

The success of your digital agency is entirely dependent on the people that work there. What you’re really selling to your clients is the time and skills of your team: yourself included. But when people are the real heart of your agency, this can make it more difficult to sell the business, compared with businesses built around selling a product.

If you want to sell your digital agency, the first thing you need to do is take yourself out of the equation, and make yourself unnecessary for its continued success. But how can you do that, without disrupting your business or unsettling your team?

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How to Make Your Agency Indispensable to Its Customers

Posted by Nicolas Jacobeus on Oct 26, 2016

When trying to make their services indispensable to their customers, some agencies go about it the wrong way, and aim to make it as difficult as possible for their customers to stop paying for their services and transition to another service provider.

But rather than trying to lock-in your customers, you should aim to make your agency indispensable to your customers by delivering as much value as possible. Today I’m sharing 6 ways to make your customers love working with your agency, so your agency becomes indispensable – for all the right reasons.

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How to Transform Your Agency’s Sales Strategy with Resource Management

Posted by Nicolas Jacobeus on Oct 19, 2016

Many agencies lack a cohesive sales strategy, and as such are at the mercy of workloads that are stuck in a feast-and-famine cycle. Without a consistent, predictable workload, it is difficult to plan for agency growth, or to understand if and when you need to hire.

A resource management tool is essential for providing agency owners with at-a-glance insights into their agency’s workload and team. But it’s just as useful for your sales team, to help develop their sales strategy by identifying what works well for your agency, and what doesn’t. Today I’m sharing 5 tips to help you use resource management to transform your digital agency’s sales strategy.

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How to Prevent Remote Working from Destroying Your Agency’s Culture

Posted by Nicolas Jacobeus on Oct 12, 2016

Your agency’s culture is more than just the occasional team drinks outing; it’s the shared values, vision and goals of your team, aligned with those of your agency. When a team works together in the same office, day after day, your culture will develop organically. But if you decide to make the shift to remote working, it can prove a real test for your agency’s culture.

So today I’m looking at how you can take steps to prevent remote working from destroying your agency’s culture, unsettling your team, and affecting the quality of work you do for your clients.

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Should Your Digital Agency Publish its Price?

Posted by Nicolas Jacobeus on Oct 5, 2016

When it comes to agency pricing, more often than not it’s treated as a closely-guarded secret, not shared or published anywhere your clients – or your competitors – can see. But would it give your agency a competitive edge if your prices were published on your website?

Today I’m looking at the pros and cons of publishing your agency’s prices online, based on my own experiences as an agency founder, and from working closely with other agency directors.

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Does Your Agency Need Employee Scheduling Software?

Posted by Nicolas Jacobeus on Sep 26, 2016

Employee scheduling software is a tool to help your agency team manage their workload. Many scheduling tools automate the process of time tracking, as well as creating and managing a work schedule. This could be as granular as scheduling work on a task-by-task basis, or much more high-level, scheduling blocks of time to be dedicated to specific projects.

But how essential is it for your agency to have employee scheduling software as part of its toolkit? Today I’m looking at how you can tell whether your agency needs employee scheduling software.

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8 Reasons Small Agencies Fail (And How to Overcome Them)

Posted by Nicolas Jacobeus on Sep 21, 2016

How healthy is your digital agency? Is it thriving, or are things feeling a bit unstable?

Growing a digital agency is full of uncertainties, and success is by no means guaranteed. So today I’m looking at 8 common reasons why small digital agencies fail – with tips on how to overcome them.

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