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How Effective Resource Management Improves Digital Agency Collaboration

Posted by Laura Hernalsteen on Mar 3, 2016


Effective Resource Management can change the way your agency team works together by improving the way you manage your agency’s key resources: employee time and their skills. Today I’m looking at four areas where good Resource Management can improve agency collaboration.

1) Team Utilisation

Effective Resource Management can help you take a holistic approach to team utilisation and achieve a balanced, well-managed workload.

Rather than looking at your agency team as ten people in one team, think of them instead as one team of ten people. Your agency projects will require different skills and experience at different times, and effective Resource Management can help you piece together what will be needed, when, and how to best make use of your team’s skills to meet those project requirements. A subtle change which can make a big difference to how you work.

2) Team Awareness

Additionally, a Resource Management tool will give agency directors, and the agency team, increased visibility of what the team is working on. Everyone can see when project deadlines are and plan their work accordingly.

For example, if you have a team member who is just getting started on a non-time-sensitive project, they can make themselves available to help out team members who are under pressure, helping to meet deadlines and reduce stress for other employees who are under pressure.

Additionally, by knowing what work is going on across the agency, your employees can also work out who they’ll need to speak to for sign-off or advice, improving team collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Increased team awareness also helps team members feel more involved as they know what’s going on in the agency beyond the individual projects they are personally working on.

3) Create a ‘One Team’ Mentality

Resource Management helps to create a shared sense of responsibility for agency projects. Because everyone can see project deadlines, everyone can identify potential roadblocks or difficulties, and can work together to overcome them.

It encourages the whole team to work towards the same aims: meeting project deadlines, rather than just finishing up with ‘their’ part of the project. This will improve collaboration across the agency by creating shared objectives from directors down to new, junior hires.

4) Skill Sharing

Employee skills are some of your agency’s most valuable resources. Wherever possible you want to ensure that everyone is working on tasks most suitable for their skill set and seniority. But you also want to encourage your agency team to improve their existing skills and develop new ones.

Resource Management facilitates skill sharing within your agency. Your team will be able to view old projects and see who worked on what, and identify who to go to for advice on a similar task or project.

It can also help you to build project teams to encourage skill sharing, by identifying what skills will be required for different tasks, and pairing up experienced and less experienced team members – making the best use of your employees’ skill resources while providing opportunity for personal development.

As well as improving collaboration, skill sharing can also help to improve your agency’s profitability by equipping team members with additional skills which means they can bill more for their time.

Learn more about using streamlined resource management to transform your digital agency’s profitability, and download our eGuide below.

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