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How Resource Management Makes It Easier for Employees to Prioritise Their Work

Posted by Nicolas Jacobeus on Aug 10, 2016


Resource Management can provide valuable insights that help agency founders make important strategic decisions to facilitate the growth of their agency. But effective Resource Management is also useful for employees, providing them with a high-level view of the agency’s workload so they can prioritise their workload accordingly.

Today I’m looking at 5 ways a Resource Management tool, like Scale, can help your employees prioritise and balance their work.

1) Helps Employees Know Which Projects to Work On

Before you start planning out workloads and projects in more detail with a Project Management tool, you can allocate employees to different agency projects in your Resource Management tool.

This will help them identify the different projects they will be working on over the coming days and weeks, so they can track deadlines and plan progress meetings with colleagues accordingly, as well as being able to identify what they’ll need to work on each day.

2) Provides Insight to Project Constraints

A Resource Management tool is a great way to provide employees with at-a-glance insight of the constraints limiting your agency projects. For example, they will be able to see the deadlines for all your projects, as well as whether each project is running under- or over-budget.

This will help them identify which project to work on as their biggest priority. For example, if they’ve got a deadline coming up in two days, they will need to focus their energy on that project, rather than spending half a day working on a different project that’s just getting started.

Also, having insight into the financial state of each project will help them make informed decisions about how to complete their tasks. For example, if one project is running over-budget, then they will choose to work on the things that will have the biggest impact in the next sprint, rather than lots of little ‘nice-to-haves’ that won’t have the same impact.

3) Shows What All Employees Are Working On

As well as giving your employees visibility into the projects they are working on, they can also see what their colleagues are working on – and the constraints of these projects.

This means that if you’ve just wrapped up one big project, the team working on that probably won’t have any other urgent deadlines for a little while, but they can see if any of their colleagues are behind schedule on a different project, and help out where needed.

4) Gives Visibility into What Needs Doing

All of these benefits mean that Resource Management tools can help reduce micromanagement. Rather than project managers feeling like they need to map out precisely what each team member will do when, a Resource Management tool will give the project team visibility into the whole project and how it’s progressing.

Instead of creating an environment of prescriptive, top-down management, Resource Management fosters a sense of shared responsibility for the success of a project, by giving everyone the same insights and information. Everyone can see what needs doing to complete a project, and can prioritise their workload accordingly.

5) Provides an Overview

The biggest benefit of a Resource Management tool is that it provides your employees with an overview of agency activity. This sets it apart from a Project Management tool, which goes into much more detail about individual tasks that need doing.

It can be easy to get overwhelmed by the details in your agency projects, worrying about individual tasks that need doing or specific requirements that need to be met. A Resource Management tool allows your team to take a step back and view projects objectively, as a whole.

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