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How to Minimise Disruption When Adopting New Agency Software

Posted by Laura Hernalsteen on Jan 29, 2016


The most common concern when you’re looking at new agency software is the disruption it will cause during adoption. New software will either be a direct replacement for another tool, or a brand new tool to improve existing processes such as using spreadsheets for planning projects.

Any change to existing tools or processes will cause disruption for your agency, but careful planning and consideration can help to minimise disruption during the transition.

1) Try Before You Buy

To change from one process to another, it’s generally accepted that the new process needs to be ten times better than your existing solution to make it worth the change. But you won’t be able to tell how the new tool or process will benefit your agency just from reading the sales copy on the website.

To make the best software choices it’s vital that you take advantage of free trials and demo videos, learning as much about the software (and even using it yourself) before making any purchasing decisions. This will help you understand the benefits of each tool, clarify your agency’s requirements in terms of features and functionality, and let you choose the best tool for your agency.

By trying a tool before rolling it out to your team, you will also be able to choose tools that are easy to set up and intuitive to use. Difficult set-ups are an immediate barrier to agency-wide adoption, as are complex tools that take a long time for your team to understand.

2) Don’t Try and Do Too Much

It’s also important that you don’t try and make too many changes at once. While it may be tempting to overhaul all your agency tools – particularly while you’re researching and finding out about different tools that could improve different processes – keep it simple by changing one tool at a time.

This will mean there’s only one new thing for your agency team to adjust to at once, and won’t overwhelm them with different processes that will disrupt their workday.

3) Set a Launch Date

Once you’ve picked the best tool for your team’s needs, choose a date for adoption – and stick to it. To minimise disruption, you want to get the whole team set up and using the new software at the same time, so there’s no delay in adopting the new tool.

By moving everyone over at the same time, you eliminate problems caused by half the team using one tool and half using another – which can result in key information being missed by half your team, file incompatibility, or simply cause agency-wide reluctance to use the new tool instead of the old, familiar one.

4) Keep the Whole Team Informed

For a smooth transition process when adopting new agency software, the most important thing is to keep your whole team informed. It’s vital that everyone understands what the new tool will be used for and how it will improve upon your existing tools and processes.

Your team needs to understand how the new tool benefits them – not just the agency management team. For example, if you are adopting a resource management tool like Scale, you could show your team the intuitive time-tracking functionality which automatically fills based on assigned tasks, which will save them time logging their work hours.

Ensuring everyone has a solid understanding of the tangible benefits of the new software tool is the best way to minimise disruption when adopting new agency software. Everyone should also know where to go if they need help or additional information– it will encourage everyone to start using it immediately, and remove any reluctance associated with the changeover.

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