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Profit & Growth Tips for Digital Agencies

How to Improve Your Agency’s Strategic Decision Making

Posted by Nicolas Jacobeus on Sep 19, 2016

As your digital agency grows you will reach a point where, as a founder, you need to transition from an operational role to a strategic one. You will need to make important decisions that will shape your agency’s direction and growth, rather than doing the day-to-day work.

For many agency founders, this is unfamiliar territory, because this transition requires a shift in mindset and skillset. So today I’m looking at how you can improve your digital agency’s strategic decision making.

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Your Digital Agency’s 8 Step Customer Onboarding Process

Posted by Nicolas Jacobeus on Sep 14, 2016

Each new customer’s onboarding experience sets the tone for their entire working relationship with your digital agency. It sets expectations of the quality and value of your agency’s services. Therefore, a good, structured onboarding process is essential: to provide all of your customers with a consistent, professional onboarding experience.

While the exact nature of your onboarding process will depend on your clients’ needs and your agency’s service offering, there are some elements that will be common to all agencies. Today I’m sharing an 8-step customer onboarding process, to help you create an excellent onboarding experience for your agency’s clients.

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12 Digital Agency Experts Share Their Best Agency Profitability Tips

Posted by Nicolas Jacobeus on Sep 13, 2016

If there's one thing experience has taught me, it's that there's more to growing a healthy, valuable agency than revenue, employees and customers alone. What really matters is profitability: the ability to grow your agency in a smart, sustainable way - and make money in the process.

Improving profitability is easier said than done. So, to help you on your own journey towards healthy growth and sustainable profitability, I reached out to the smartest minds in the digital agency ecosystem, and asked them a deceptively simple question: 

What is your #1 tip for improving agency profitability?

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How to Make Project Planning Simpler with Good Resource Management

Posted by Nicolas Jacobeus on Sep 12, 2016

Planning a project for a new client can be a difficult task for your agency. Too much detail can mean you’re committing to more work than is manageable, and too little detail can mean your agency team struggles to understand exactly what is required, and by when.

Today I’m looking at the biggest mistake that digital agencies make with their project planning, and how your agency can simplify the process using good resource management practices.

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How to Choose the Right Pricing Model for Your Digital Agency

Posted by Nicolas Jacobeus on Sep 7, 2016

Your choice of pricing model will have a huge impact on your agency’s profitability and how it runs on a day-to-day basis. So it’s important that you choose the best-fit pricing model for your digital agency.

Today I’m looking at the differences between the three most common agency pricing models, and how to choose the best pricing model for your agency.

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How to Calculate Your Agency’s Staff Utilisation Rate

Posted by Nicolas Jacobeus on Sep 5, 2016

Your digital agency’s staff utilisation rate is a useful key performance indicator to monitor: this metric will help you track how efficient your agency team is at using its time for billable work, in order to maximise project profitability.

But what does your agency’s staff utilisation rate reveal about how your agency works, and what is the best way to calculate it?

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10 Quick Wins to Improve Digital Agency Productivity

Posted by Nicolas Jacobeus on Aug 31, 2016

Your digital agency’s profitability is closely tied to the productivity levels of your agency team. With lots of clients to manage, conflicting deadlines to juggle, and ever-growing to-do lists, it can be difficult for your team to determine whether the work they are doing is productive, or just keeping them busy.

Today I’m looking at 10 quick wins you can use to keep your agency team focused, help them reduce wasted time, and improve your overall team productivity.

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Why Your Digital Agency Needs to Let Employees Manage Their Own Time

Posted by Nicolas Jacobeus on Aug 22, 2016

Your agency strives to hire skilled, creative, intelligent employees to bring their expertise to your projects. But as your agency grows, and you have more team members to keep track of, it’s all-too-easy for managers to overstep the boundary into micromanagement as they try and maintain visibility into all progress on agency projects.

However, if you’re dictating to your employees exactly what work they’ll be doing and when, chances are you’ll stifle the creativity and undervalue the skills you hired them for. Today I’m looking at 4 ways your agency will benefit if you let your employees manage their own time.

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5 Productivity Hacks for Busy Agency Founders

Posted by Nicolas Jacobeus on Aug 17, 2016

As a digital agency founder, you’ll have lots of demands on your time: requiring you to wear lots of different hats that require different skills and types of work.

With so many conflicting responsibilities, it can be difficult to know how best to organise your time. You can spend a whole day rushing around to meetings and calls and replying to urgent client emails, and when you get home in the evening you realise you’ve been really busy, but not done anything truly productive all day.

So today I’m sharing 5 hacks that I use every day, to reduce time spent multi-tasking, and to increase my productivity.

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6 Tips for Using Freelancers to Increase Your Agency’s Capacity

Posted by Nicolas Jacobeus on Aug 15, 2016

When your agency is faced with a short project that will be too much work for your in-house team, the best way to manage this short-term fluctuation is to work with a freelancer. Working with talented freelancers is also a great way to expand the offerings of your digital agency.

Today I’m looking at 6 tips to develop strong relationships with the freelancers you work with, and align them with your agency’s goals and values.

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