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Profit & Growth Tips for Digital Agencies

The #1 Reason Your Digital Agency Isn’t Growing

Posted by Nicolas Jacobeus on Jul 4, 2016

Many digital agencies are able to grow in their early stages without much planning: one customer becomes two, three employees become four. But at some point this plateaus and your agency stops growing.

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How to Improve Your Digital Agency’s Staff Retention Rates

Posted by Nicolas Jacobeus on Jun 28, 2016

A strong team is essential for making your agency successful. But once you’ve hired an amazing, talented team, how do you keep them with you for the long term? In the US, the average worker under the age of 35 stays in a job for around 3 years, and employees in Europe are similarly likely to change jobs regularly to advance their career options.

Today I’m looking at five things you can do to improve your agency’s staff retention rates, and help create a stable environment that is essential for growth.

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9 Digital Agency Processes You Should Be Automating

Posted by Nicolas Jacobeus on Jun 22, 2016

There are many processes that take place within your agency that can be automated in order to help your team spend less time on non-billable administrative tasks, so they can dedicate more time to your customers.

Today I’m looking at 9 repetitive and time-consuming digital agency processes that you can automate to improve efficiency across your agency team.

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How to Create an Employee Onboarding Process for Your Agency

Posted by Nicolas Jacobeus on Jun 20, 2016

When a new employee joins your agency, no doubt you’ll have a whole load of information that you’ll need to share with them. Some of this information will be very specific and vary depending on the role and seniority of position that you’ve hired for, but a lot of that information will be the same across all new hires.

So today I’m looking at how you can create an employee onboarding process, to help share all that general information with your new hire, and help them get started working at your agency.

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How to Prevent Your Agency from Taking on Bad Customers

Posted by Nicolas Jacobeus on Jun 14, 2016

Good customer relationships are the lifeblood of your agency. But take on a bad-fit customer, and that customer can quickly become a drain on your agency resources, taking up time, energy and money that could be better utilised elsewhere.

So today I’m looking at how to recognise customers who are a bad-fit, before you even start working together.

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4 Signs Your Digital Agency Needs to Start Hiring

Posted by Nicolas Jacobeus on Jun 9, 2016

Hiring new team members for your digital agency is one of the most difficult decisions to make. You need to be sure you’ve got the work and cashflow to support this new hire in the long-term, and you need to have a clear understanding of the skills you’re hiring for.

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How to Grow Your Agency’s Retainers

Posted by Nicolas Jacobeus on Jun 6, 2016

Recurring retainer work is the best way to stabilise your agency’s workload, to create a solid foundation from which to grow. Having a stable workload which is primarily retainer-based will allow you to plan for the longer term, rather than working on a month-by-month basis with uncertainties around securing future work and cashflow.

Once you’ve secured retainer agreements with your customers, these can be a fantastic source of growth for your agency. So today I’m looking at 5 approaches you can take to grow your agency’s retainers, improve your relationships with your customers, and grow your revenue.

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5 Reasons Your Agency Needs a Customer Onboarding Process

Posted by Laura Hernalsteen on May 16, 2016

Good customer relationships are vital for the health of your agency. You’ve invested loads of time and effort into pitching for projects and winning the contract with this new customer. Once you’ve got them signed up, how do you deliver a great experience as soon as possible, and reassure the new customer that choosing your agency was the right decision?

Today I’m looking at 5 reasons you need a customer onboarding process in place, to kick-start your relationships with new customers.

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5 Ways to Improve the Performance of Your Agency's Freelancers

Posted by Laura Hernalsteen on May 11, 2016

Working with talented freelancers is a great way to expand the offerings of your digital agency, particularly for occasional projects rather than monthly, ongoing work, without having to manage the overhead costs of hiring a full-time member of staff.

But if your freelancers work remotely, it can sometimes be difficult to align the work they’re doing with what your agency is doing. So today I’m looking at 5 ways to make sure you get the best out of the freelancers you’re working with, so you can maintain a positive, productive and profitable working relationship.

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How to Provide More Accurate Project Quotes

Posted by Laura Hernalsteen on May 4, 2016

Good customer relationships are vital for the health of your agency, and every customer relationship starts with the same thing: pitching for their project.

Your agency’s project quote can be the difference between signing or losing a customer, so to maximise your chance of success you want to make sure your quotes are as accurate as possible, to improve your agency’s reputation for being reliable with your pricing, as well as being good at what you do.

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