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Get your product off the ground.

Our methodology to help software innovators from idea to success.

  • Have an idea?

    Let’s discuss your value proposition, target market and business model and come up together with a product plan you need to achieve your goals.

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  • Need a prototype?

    Let’s spend one intense week during which we will define and design together a customer-validated clickable prototype of your product.

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  • Need an MVP?

    Let’s build your functional minimum viable product over 4-8 weeks of agile development based on the prototype you give us.

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  • Need continued improvement?

    Let’s improve your product with agile development sprints strategically prioritized on your customers’ needs.

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  • Visyos


    Belighted managed to assemble multiple complex technologies (2D, 3D, Dicom, PACS...) to produce full-featured web and mobile apps. Their reactivity and flexibility were appreciated to complete our project successfully. — Laurent Paul, Founder

  • IBA


    Belighted and IBA, it's a four-year long partnership marked by a reactive web interface development and the deployment of effective maintenance solutions; this time again, IBA is renewing its trust towards Belighted to develop a relooked version with features adapted to our customers' new needs. — Damien Gillard, Process & Productivity Leader

  • EarlyTracks


    For the development of its mobile application, Earlytracks, a backend specialist, was looking for User Experience professionals. Belighted not only proposed us an interface but put together a real collaboration, which allowed us to give a "user" (B2C) dimension to our products, until then exclusively B2B. Flexible and reactive, the team identified our needs and answered them perfectly, on the technical aspects as much as the visual ones. — Patrick Watrin, CTO

  • Valipat



    Working with Belighted helped us to take advantage of a powerful web framework to build a complete Information System. Our long term relationship helped us to achieve great goals and serve our ambition, thanks to loyal and skilled team. — Olivier Gérardin, CIO

  • Neveo



    Product development best practices are evolving at such a fast pace that it was difficult for me to make decisions related to the software product and the technical skills needed. Belighted's advice brought me confidence and gave me clear steps that helped me maximize my chances of success. — Vincent Leroy, CEO

  • Dokeos



    We wanted to build a new version of our learning management software, and Belighted convinced us to do a design sprint together before jumping into development itself. This helped us make much more informed decisions on what we needed, and how best to do it. In the end, it allowed us to better prioritise our project, and prevented us from going in the wrong direction. — Bertrand De Praetere, CFO

  • Seraphin



    Working together, we were able to rapidly prototype and deploy a world-first insurance check-up algorithm. From the initial conceptualisation until the first live trials by users, it took us a rapid 3 months of close collaboration. Today Seraphin is still successfully using the same healthy technical foundations laid by Belighted. — Xavier Lombard, CEO