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The Benefits of SaaS Development

Software as a Service (SaaS) stands out as a transformative solution that offers unparalleled advantages for businesses aiming to stay ahead of the curve. At Belighted, we specialize in crafting custom SaaS applications that provide scalability, innovation, and a steady revenue stream through a subscription-based model. Our expertise empowers SaaS creators to transform their visions into profitable and sustainable digital solutions.
Here are some of the key benefits of SaaS development:

Scalability and Accessibility

Our SaaS solutions are inherently scalable, and designed to grow with your business. They are accessible from anywhere, at any time, providing you with the agility to respond to market changes swiftly.

Tailored Solutions for Market Fit

We create SaaS applications that are customized to your unique business requirements, ensuring a perfect fit for your target market and seamless integration with other systems.

Continuous Updates and Improvements

We handle all updates and maintenance, drastically reducing downtime and eliminating the need for client-side hardware upgrades. Your SaaS application remains cutting-edge, with continuous improvements and no additional costs. 

Data Security and Compliance

With Belighted's SaaS development, your data is protected with the highest security standards, and compliance with regulations is meticulously maintained, giving you peace of mind.


Developing a SaaS product offers significant financial advantages. The subscription-based model leads to a steady revenue stream, while the scalability of SaaS allows for efficient expansion without the substantial upfront costs typically associated with traditional software development. Additionally, the centralized nature of SaaS platforms reduces the need for extensive infrastructure investment, making it a financially viable option for entrepreneurs looking to launch their own digital products.

Simplicity and User-Friendliness

By focusing on core features and current needs, our SaaS solutions avoid unnecessary complexity, offering a user-friendly experience with continuous incremental improvements.

Increased Customer Loyalty

SaaS companies have tools to boost loyalty, from offering free features or storage to enabling built-in communication, fostering a continuous conversation and rapport with clients.

Better Metrics for Business Decisions

Real-time usage metrics allow for accurate business projections and proactive adaptation to client needs, supporting informed decisions on scaling or pivoting products.

Higher Company Valuations

SaaS providers often enjoy higher valuation multiples due to sustained revenue growth and control over customer churn, contrasting with the sales plateau typical of on-premises software providers.

For businesses making significant investments, there is a fear of choosing the wrong partner or solution. But with Belighted, we’re providing a service to ensure that your SaaS costs yield tangible results. 

Read through our comprehensive White Paper for a deeper dive into the transformative power of SaaS and how it can revolutionize your business. 

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Are We a Fit for Your Industry?

We're open to collaborating with businesses across all sectors, leveraging our expertise to craft tailored SaaS solutions that address unique challenges and opportunities.
Here are just a few of the industries we serve with our solutions:


We elevate healthcare services by providing SaaS solutions that streamline patient care and enhance the management of medical data. Our applications support healthcare providers in delivering efficient, patient-centered care with secure access to critical health information.


Our expertise in fintech SaaS development revolutionizes financial transactions and banking solutions. We create platforms that simplify complex financial processes, ensuring secure, fast, and user-friendly experiences for both businesses and consumers.

Transport and Energy

In the realm of transport, we innovate to improve systems and the user experience. Our SaaS solutions facilitate the integration of cutting-edge technology into transportation management, optimizing logistics, and enhancing the commuter journey.


The insurance industry benefits from our SaaS applications that modernize policy management and streamline claim processing. We deliver tools that automate workflows, reduce fraud, and improve customer engagement, transforming the way insurance businesses operate.


Transform the educational landscape with SaaS platforms that facilitate learning management, student engagement, and administrative efficiency. Our solutions cater to the evolving needs of educational institutions, enabling them to deliver quality education and manage resources effectively.

Real Estate

For the real estate industry, our SaaS applications offer powerful tools for property management, client engagement, and market analysis. We help real estate professionals manage portfolios with greater ease, attract and retain clients, and make data-driven decisions.

These are just a few examples of the industries we serve.
Belighted's commitment to delivering high-quality SaaS solutions knows no bounds. Regardless of your industry, our team is equipped and eager to transform your vision into a high-performing SaaS solution.


Our SaaS Application Development Services 

Navigating the world of SaaS application development can be daunting, especially when you need clarification on the complexities of the process to know where your investment is being channeled. This is why we prioritize transparency and education, ensuring you're always in the loop.

Here's a breakdown of the features we offer, tailored to address your specific concerns:

Subscription Management System

Our development includes a comprehensive subscription management system, essential for SaaS entrepreneurs. This system enables you to effortlessly manage user sign-ups, renewals, and billing cycles, providing a seamless experience for your customers and ensuring a steady revenue stream for your business.

Robust User Management Capabilities

We integrate advanced user management functionalities, allowing you to control user access, roles, and permissions effectively. This feature is crucial for maintaining the integrity and security of your SaaS platform, ensuring that only authorized users have access to specific functionalities.

Interactive Dashboard and Analytics

Our services include the creation of intuitive dashboards, offering you and your users real-time insights and analytics. This feature is vital for SaaS entrepreneurs to track user engagement, monitor performance metrics, and make data-driven decisions to enhance their platform.

Efficient Notification System

We implement a dynamic notification system to keep your users engaged and informed. Whether it's for alerts, updates, or promotional messages, this system ensures that your users stay connected and updated, enhancing user retention and satisfaction.

Customizable User Interface Design

Understanding the importance of brand identity, we focus on developing a customizable user interface for your SaaS product. This allows you to tailor the look and feel of your platform to align with your brand, providing a unique and personalized experience for your users.

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Here's a breakdown of the SaaS categories we offer, tailored to address your specific concerns:

CRM System Development

We specialize in building Customer Relationship Management systems for SaaS entrepreneurs. Our service includes crafting a platform that enables businesses to manage customer interactions, sales processes, and data analytics effectively, providing a valuable tool for any industry.

Project Management Tool Creation

Our expertise lies in developing comprehensive project management tools for SaaS entrepreneurs. We focus on features like task management, progress tracking, and collaboration tools, creating a platform that helps businesses organize and manage their work efficiently.

Marketing Automation Platform Development

We offer services to create marketing automation tools for SaaS entrepreneurs. This includes developing features for email marketing, lead generation, and customer segmentation, enabling businesses to automate and personalize their marketing efforts.

E-commerce Platform Solutions

Belighted is adept at creating custom e-commerce platforms, complete with integrated inventory management, seamless payment processing, and engaging customer interaction tools. We empower your online retail business to provide a superior shopping experience.

Financial Management and Accounting Software Creation

We assist SaaS entrepreneurs in developing financial management and accounting platforms. Our service includes building features for accounting, budgeting, invoicing, and payroll, helping businesses manage their finances efficiently and comply with regulatory standards.

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SaaS Application Development Case Studies 

The word 'Multipharma' displayed in green writing with a dotted cross to the left of it.

Multipharma is a cooperative of over 200 pharmacies in Belgium. Its activities revolve around B2C, pharmacies and e-commerce sites, and B2B, individual preparation of medicines for nursing homes, psychiatric institutes and pharmacies. Multipharma trusted us with the development of their automated systems for the individual preparation of medicines.

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Why Choose Belighted for Your SaaS Development?

In the vast realm of SaaS application development services, finding the right partner can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack, so we understand the gravity of this decision and the concerns on the back of it. 

Here's why partnering with us is a choice you won't regret:

A Legacy of Excellence

With over 15 years of experience in the industry, we've honed our skills, methodologies, and understanding of what businesses truly need.

Mission-Driven Approach

Our mission isn't just about building software; it's about delighting our customers and enhancing users' quality of life through high-performing software solutions.

Clear Guidance

Feeling overwhelmed by the myriad of software development choices? We simplify the process, guiding you every step of the way, and ensuring you make informed decisions that align with your business goals.

Outsourcing Expertise

If you're torn between outsourcing and building in-house, let our track record speak for itself. We bring the expertise, agility, and commitment that's often challenging to replicate in-house.


Our Process: From Idea to Implementation

Crafting a successful SaaS solution requires a meticulous approach, one that's both structured and adaptable. Inspired by industry-leading methodologies, we've tailored our process to ensure your SaaS project's success:


Our journey begins with an in-depth assessment to ensure our SaaS development expertise aligns with your project's specific needs. A consultation with a Belighted account manager allows us to delve into the details of your vision, understanding your business goals and the core functionalities your SaaS application requires. Following this, we provide a summary for our technical team to confirm feasibility, budget, and a realistic timeline.
The result is a detailed proposal that outlines the application's features, estimated budget, and a strategic roadmap to launch. This proposal, while preliminary, gives you the necessary insight and assurance to proceed with confidence.


The scoping phase is critical for defining the exact features and architecture of your SaaS application. Early in this stage, we collaborate with you to map out the product flow, allowing for informed decisions on feature inclusion and budget allocation. Our aim is to maintain a lean approach, focusing on essential functionalities while allowing room for additional features as your project evolves.
Our technical team conducts extensive research to ensure all technical requirements are documented. The outcome is a comprehensive scope document that details user roles, interface designs, and features, complete with a timeline and budget, crystallizing your vision into a tangible plan.


During the design phase, our UX/UI experts transform the scoped features into interactive prototypes and design specifications. This process ensures that the application's design is not only visually appealing but also user-centric, adhering to the best UX practices and aligning with the development phase that follows.
The integration of these designs with the project scope completes the blueprint for your SaaS application. We welcome your feedback at this stage, with our Product Manager on hand to refine the plan to ensure it perfectly matches your vision and budget.

Develop & Build

With the blueprint in hand, our dedicated development team, including a lead developer, UI specialist, and QA expert, all coordinated by your Product Manager, begins the build. We work through the development plan, focusing on key milestones and ensuring each feature is crafted, tested, and polished to perfection.
At the conclusion of this phase, you will have a fully functional SaaS application, rigorously tested and ready for your final approval before its launch.


Recognizing the evolving nature of SaaS applications, we offer comprehensive post-launch support to ensure your software adapts to user feedback and industry shifts. Whether you need targeted support for specific enhancements or ongoing assistance for regular updates and maintenance, our flexible support options guarantee you have access to the Belighted expertise whenever necessary, ensuring your SaaS application continually delivers value to your users.
Tailored specifically for SaaS, we ensure that every decision, every line of code, and every strategy aligns with your vision and business goals.

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Tailored SaaS Pricing for Your Business Needs

Belighted recognizes the fluid nature of SaaS product development, an ongoing cycle of design, strategy, and refinement. This process is essential for adapting to customer feedback and market demands.

Clear and Customized Pricing

Our pricing is designed for clarity and flexibility, accommodating a range of budgets over a typical development cycle. We facilitate effortless monitoring of usage and billing, empowering you to make strategic decisions about service adjustments. Our commitment is to provide a pricing strategy that aligns with your business needs and growth trajectory.

Direct Development Costs

Instead of thinking about the end cost, we advise shifting your perspective to a monthly budget cost. Consider product development as a continual operational expense (OPEX) and not a one-time capital outlay (CAPEX). The first versions of your product can be launched within a few months with an initial investment ranging from €10-20k per month. But the development doesn't stop at MVP. True market leadership requires ongoing development to refine and enhance your product based on user feedback.

Indirect Costs

It's important to account for ancillary expenses such as hosting and support, which, while relatively minor, are recurring and must be included in the overall budget. Integration with other systems may also introduce additional costs that need to be reflected in the pricing strategy.

Marketing Costs

Client acquisition is a significant expense. Establishing a strong market presence can mitigate these costs, but competitive differentiation often demands substantial marketing investment. For instance,'s success illustrates the impact of aggressive marketing strategies on market penetration.

Belighted offers clear, strategic pricing plans to ensure your SaaS product not only enters the market but thrives, grows, and leads.

Our SaaS Development Success Stories

5 Blue stars placed equally next to one another

"Product development best practices are evolving at such a fast pace that it was difficult for me to make decisions related to the software product and the technical skills needed. Belighted's advice brought me confidence and gave me clear steps that helped me maximize my chances of success."

Vincent Leroy
Vincent Leroy,
5 Blue stars placed equally next to one another

"It's a real pleasure to work with Belighted. They are focused on delivering features with business value and they like to get stuff done. This vision allowed us to launch our products with just a couple of months of development and help us to get user feedback."

Antoine de Beys
Co-founder @deecide
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Frequent Questions

How long will it take to build my SaaS application?

The timeline for building a SaaS application varies based on its complexity and features, as well as a client’s allocated budget and timeline. Typically, an MVP can be developed within a few weeks to a few months.

Can you elaborate on the process of knowledge transfer?

Knowledge transfer involves a systematic approach where we share insights, experiences, and expertise with you, and enable flexible collaboration modes to suit your evolving needs. Whether you prefer us to maintain the solution as long-term partners in your success, require assistance in training your in-house development team for a seamless transition, or opt for a hybrid approach where we handle specific features while your team manages the overall solution, we adapt to ensure you are well informed and comfortable with every aspect of your application's functionalities, features, and maintenance.

How much will my SaaS application cost to make?

As stated in the pricing section, instead of focusing on the total cost, we recommend thinking in terms of a monthly budget. While an initial version can fit around €50K, it's essential to view product development as an ongoing operational expense (OPEX) rather than a capital expenditure (CAPEX). As the software evolves, especially post-launch with user feedback, continuous investment is crucial. It is best not to see product development as a one-off expense, but rather something to continuously be invested in.

Why do I need a custom-built SaaS application?

Launching your own SaaS application with a custom-built approach ensures that the software is precisely tailored to your unique business vision and requirements. This method offers unparalleled flexibility and scalability, allowing you to integrate a distinctive set of features and functionalities that truly resonate with your target market and business objectives.

How to choose the right SaaS developer?

Launching your own SaaS application with a custom-built approach ensures that the software is precisely tailored to your unique business vision and requirements. This method offers unparalleled flexibility and scalability, allowing you to integrate a distinctive set of features and functionalities that truly resonate with your target market and business objectives.

Is SaaS suitable for enterprise-level businesses?

Absolutely. In fact, a significant portion of the SaaS industry, around 90%, is moving towards enterprise solutions. SaaS offers scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness, making it an ideal choice for large-scale businesses.

How does a SaaS application differ from traditional mobile or web applications?

While traditional applications might be tied to a specific platform or device, SaaS applications are cloud-based, allowing users to access them from any device with an internet connection. This ensures real-time data access, seamless updates, and centralized data storage.