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Why Choose the 10K€ MVP Package

Launching a software product can be complex and expensive. Our 10K€ MVP (Minimum Viable Product) package offers a streamlined solution to bring your ideas to life quickly and cost-effectively.

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Reduced time to market

Launch your product faster and gain a competitive edge.

Rely on MVP experts

Trust our skilled team to develop a product that exceeds expectations.

Cost-effective hypothesis validation

Save money by testing your concept before investing in full-scale development.

Examples of Projects

Imagine what you could do!

Bespoke software that will delight your customers and your team.


Launch a SaaS product tailored to the needs of your market it a fraction of the time and cost of traditional software development.

Two-sided marketplaces

Build a thriving online marketplace with tailored features, seamless user experiences, and flexible scalability.

Data analytics & reporting tools

Gain a competitive edge with custom tools that provide actionable insights and tailored visualizations.

Workflow automation tools

Streamline processes and boost efficiency with bespoke tools designed to fit your unique workflows and eliminate bottlenecks.

Communication tools

Improve collaboration and productivity with tools that align with your needs and integrate seamlessly with existing communication systems.

Other types of bespoke applications

We can build any kind of application that you can think of.

Why Belighted

Experience and Expertise You Can Trust

Belighted has been building MVP for 15 years in more than 10 industries, from start-ups to international companies.

Extensive experience

With 15 years of experience, we deliver top-notch solutions.

Technical proficiency

Our skilled team ensures high-quality development and design.

Client-centric approach

We prioritize your satisfaction by exceeding expectations.

Agile methodology

Our agile approach ensures adaptability and efficient project delivery.

Our difference

Our proprietary management tool and the use of AI enable us to fully understand your needs and optimise collaboration.

Our process

A Transparent and Collaborative Journey

Our 10K€ MVP package follows a comprehensive development process for a successful outcome.

Analysis and scoping

We have in-depth meetings to understand your vision, needs, and goals.

Architecture and mock-ups

We create a solid technical foundation and visually appealing designs.

Backend development

We build a robust database structure and business logic.

Frontend development

Our designers and developers deliver a smooth user experience.

Integration with external services

If needed, we seamlessly connect your software with external platforms.

Testing and deployment

Rigorous testing ensures a high-quality product, ready for deployment.

Throughout the process, we maintain clear communication and provide regular updates.

Hear from Our Satisfied Clients

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5 Blue stars placed equally next to one another

"Belighted has understood our product and provided us with tailored solutions. Their innovative approach has allowed us to save time and offer an excellent customer experience. It was a collaborative teamwork where problems were shared and resolved together. A true success!"

Charlotte Français et Hortense Monnier,
CO-Founders @dealiste
5 Blue stars placed equally next to one another

“It's a real pleasure to work with Belighted. They are focused on delivering features with business value and they like to get stuff done. This vision allowed us to launch our products with just a couple of months of development and help us to get user feedback”

Antoine de Beys
5 Blue stars placed equally next to one another

“Product development best practices are evolving at such a fast pace that it was difficult for me to make decisions related to the software product and the technical skills needed. Belighted's advice brought me confidence and gave me clear steps that helped me maximize my chances of success.”

Vincent Leroy
5 Blue stars placed equally next to one another

“We wanted to build a new version of our learning management software, and Belighted convinced us to do a design sprint together before jumping into development itself. This helped us make much more informed decisions on what we needed, and how best to do it. In the end, it allowed us to better prioritise our project, and prevented us from going in the wrong direction.”

Headshot of a man in a suit.
5 Blue stars placed equally next to one another

“Working together, we were able to rapidly prototype and deploy a world-first insurance check-up algorithm. From the initial conceptualisation until the first live trials by users, it took us a rapid 3 months of close collaboration. Today Seraphin is still successfully using the same healthy technical foundations laid by Belighted.”

Xavier Lombard
5 Blue stars placed equally next to one another

“Belighted implemented software development best practices such as continuous integration to improve quality. Our training increased productivity of the startup’s internal development team by 20%.”


One single,
no-nonsense price

10 000 €
excluding VAT


How long does the development process take?

Our 10K€ MVP package delivers developed and deployed software within 3-4 weeks.

I'm skeptical, can you really develop an MVP for 10K?

We have been experts in product development for more than 15 years, utilizing a proven process, leveraging AI and proprietary software to gather comprehensive product requirements and optimize developments.

What is included in the 10K€ MVP package?

The package includes requirements analysis, architecture design, backend and frontend development, integration with external services, testing, and deployment.

What happens afterwards?

After the development of the MVP, we equip clients with all the necessary resources to continue independently. However, we remain readily available to foster ongoing collaboration based on user feedback, for future developments or maintenance.

Are there any hidden costs?

The 10K MVP package doesn't include:

  • Hosting fees (which are negligible)
  • Any future enhancements or modifications after the launch of the MVP
What kind of platform can you build?

We've built MVPs for all company sizes, from start-ups to international companies, including SaaS, marketplaces, communication tools, workflow automation tools, reporting tools, and many more.

Can I add additional features to the MVP package?

You can add any features you want. The 10K€ MVP package focuses on essential functionality but we remain available for any additional requirements and explore custom solutions if needed.

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