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Our story

Belighted is the result of a passion for innovative software and high-quality products.

The company was founded in 2008 in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, by Nicolas Jacobeus. Specialized in the architecture and infrastructure of projects based on web technologies, he wanted to offer his own vision of web development with modern and efficient technologies like Ruby and its web framework Rails.

Growing over the years, Belighted has brought together an enthusiastic team always ready to meet new challenges related to the Internet. The team is now composed of software engineers, user experience specialists, forming the hub for a network of talented developers, tech leads and managers.

The location of Belighted on the University campus of Louvain-la-Neuve perfectly symbolizes the position of the company at the forefront of modern web-based technologies. Belighted benefits from the synergy of the university atmosphere and research at UCLouvain, and the company also provides students with internship opportunities to begin their working life in a modern and dynamic company.

Our values

The existence of any organization is increasingly conditioned by the use of digital tools accessible at all times, by everyone, everywhere. This development demands quality web and mobile applications that combine performance and ergonomics.

The Belighted mission is to delight our customers and employees by helping them build the useful, intuitive, high-performing web and mobile software that makes this possible.

Belighted aligns all its activities with these values:

  • Excellence & Innovation: to be among the first to provide modern and efficient solutions through competent and reliable teams.
  • Fairness & Integrity: to listen first in order to provide correct answers and build strong and lasting relationships with all those we encounter.

today about working with Belighted.

What we are proud of

  • Open source community
    Open source

    Open source community

    Being proponents and users of open source software in most of our work, we naturally give back to the community. Since the beginning of Belighted, we have patched software such as Ruby on Rails and some of its libraries, and produced our own which we maintain on our Github page. We also frequently sponsor community events such as Paris.rb and Ruby Lugdunum.

  • Railsgirls
    Rails girls logo

    Rails Girls

    Rails Girls is an initiative born in 2010 in Finland with the aim to help women understand technology and to build their ideas. In practice, non-profit week-end events are periodically organized all over the world to introduce the world of web development to novice girls (and guys). We were coach at Rails Girls Paris then introduced Rails Girls in Belgium in 2012, being organizers of the first local edition and involved in further editions as coaches and advisors.

  • Beerlighted
    Beerlighted photo


    Almost all Belighters are beer aficionados, the passion being part of our Belgian culture. We brewed our first batch of "Beerlighted" in 2012 as part of a dedicated team-building event and shared the tasty result with our friends and customers.

  • Deloitte
    Deloitte Fast 50

    Deloitte Fast 50

    In 2013, Belighted was nominated by Deloitte as one the 50 fastest growing technology firms in Benelux. We were one of the few services based businesses, and earned the 7th place among all Belgian participants.