5 ways to improve your software's user experience

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5 ways to improve your software's user experience

5 ways to improve your software's user experience

Nicolas Jacobeus
October 18, 2019


improve software user experience

A user-friendly experience is vital to the success your SaaS software solution. Large corporations understand this well: they devote attention to the user’s experience with their products and constantly strive to improve it.

For your own migration to a SaaS solution or a software upgrade, here are 5 areas of user interface improvement to enhance usability and increase customer satisfaction

Intuitive navigation

A crucial step in the design of a Software ou SaaS platform is making navigation easy and ensuring an intuitive interface. A well-designed and easily navigable website is vital to success. The home page must contain a dashboard with all the important links.

Make sure that only the most essential characteristics appear in the navigation menu so that it can be readily understood. A scroll-down menu makes it possible to include secondary items.

Dynamic search

To promote a friendly user experience, the search module should be easy to find and use.

Above all, it should return the results the customer is looking for. The returned search results should be relevant and include a dynamic sort feature, with search criteria to run more even precise searches that return perfectly targeted results.

The ideal position of the search field is at the top of the web page. It might also make sense to include it the pulldown menu bar to avoid cluttering the interface.

Streamlined user interface design

Let’s be clear: users dislike complex and confusing design. They want an interface that is simple to use and easy to understand.

At the same time, the design has to cover all the product’s features and functions. It’s hard to achieve but it is an obligatory step in the process: long hours of work are required to obtain a design that is as streamlined as it is functional.

For instance, it is important to keep friction to a minimum during registration, asking only for the formation that is strictly necessary, even if it means collecting more details later.

Easy onboarding

Careful attention is also required to create a good integration experience. Concentrate on letting your users accomplish everything they need to do using your product without having to resort to online help or training.

Offer them a concise and easy-to-follow checklist to guide them through each step in the process. The more your interface is intuitive, easy to grasp and usable with no disproportionate effort, the happier your customers will be.

A customized interface that fits the image of your company


improve saas user experience

Users overwhelmingly prefer an interface that allows enhanced interaction.

 For example, it is very important to give customers a way to instantly contact you via a chat with a live company representative or, in the worst case scenario, a chatbot.  

In addition to helping you gather suggestions to further improve your solution, it makes the application much more user-friendly. Don’t hesitate to use elements from your corporate design manual and specific to your corporate identity. It is also vital to include an FAQ section to answer frequently asked questions.

At Belighted, we have extensive experience with designing high-performance user interfaces from both a functional and a customer satisfaction standpoint. We’ll help you design the most relevant user clickpath, making your interface user-friendly and intuitive. Our vast experience is a key asset for understanding all your needs and providing you with end-to-end SaaS interface design support.

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