SaaS Product development the Belighted way

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SaaS Product development the Belighted way
SaaS Development

SaaS Product development the Belighted way

Nicolas Jacobeus
March 14, 2019

We’ve built and worked with hundreds of different software products since 2008, when we first opened our doors. Over the years, that experience has resulted in a fine-tuned methodology to set our clients’ software products up for excellent performance.

The way we work allows us to meet you where you are in the lifecycle of your product. You may have an idea that needs to be developed into a completely new product, or you may have an existing app needing improvement. Either way, we direct our efforts where they make the greatest impact for you. I’d like to show you a little more about how we do that here.

Product strategy is at the heart of all we do

Whether you have a new product idea or wish to expand an existing product, we start with strategy. We believe a firm foundation in strategy is essential to the success of your product development efforts.

If it’s our first time working together, we lay the foundation with a roadmap for product growth and development. We do this with you in what we call a Strategy Workshop, a day-long meeting where we solidify product strategy.

In some cases, a strategy workshop may point to new theories to test with potential users. Market validation is an important component of product development. Our process provides the opportunity to gather the early feedback that’s critical to your success, whether you’re working with an idea, a prototype, an MVP or an established product.

While a strategy workshop is the first step for a new client, it also makes sense to return to a strategy discussion if we’re looking at significant changes to your product down the road.

Once we solidify your strategy and product roadmap, you are ready to move onto product design or development, depending on whether you already have a functioning product.

Product design gives form to new ideas

As we develop your product roadmap, we work with you to prioritize features. How we approach development work for you is determined by your product’s stage in its lifecycle: idea, growth, or expansion.

If your product or major feature is still just an idea, you need to start giving it form. Our design sprint is where we focus on turning your idea into a clickable prototype via an intensive five-day project.

Product design is especially important for new apps. We may also return to strategy and/or product design after market feedback and as we incorporate major changes or features in an existing app.

Product delivery introduces continuous improvement

Once you’ve got a prototype, we then move toward the first fully functional version of your software product with all its core features, your MVP (minimum viable product). This first usable version can be ready for launch in 4-8 weeks.

Or you may already be well past the MVP stage and looking to meet the needs of a growing user base or demands of a new market. Often startup founders and software innovators reach a point where they need help improving beyond their existing capabilities.

At this point, we introduce near immediate gains by setting up best practices, helping your team prioritize, and delivering continuous improvements to make the biggest impact.

We perform product development work in sprints of 1-2 weeks. This allows you to view our progress and test with users regularly. It also allows us to gather feedback to fuel ongoing development as efficiently as possible.

A highly capable Belighted project manager guides you from strategy through design and into development, and back to strategy and design again when needed.

Our unique perspective

We’ve been developing software products since 2008, and we’ve also founded a couple software startups ourselves. We’ve been in your shoes, and we’ve worked with businesses at every stage of growth. See case studies here.

The way we approach our work - the Belighted way - makes available to you the full expertise our team has cultivated along the way. Our services are structured to provide the greatest benefit to you no matter the stage of your product.

Are you ready to discuss your software product with us? Learn more about getting started with a Strategy Workshop today.

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