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Design Sprint

Take Your Software Idea from Paper to Prototype - in Just 5 Days.

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"We wanted to build a new version of our learning management software, and Belighted convinced us to do a design sprint together before jumping into development itself. This helped us make much more informed decisions on what we needed, and how best to do it. In the end, it allowed us to better prioritise our project, and prevented us from going in the wrong direction."

- Bertrand De Praetere, COO, Dokeos

Get a non-functional clickable prototype that you can use to gather valuable feedback & test your assumptions.

During this 1-Week Workshop, expect on:

  • Monday: Understanding & Mapping the Problem
  • Tuesday: Brainstorming Solutions by Sketching them on Paper
  • Wednesday: Identifying Core Functionalities & Creating Mockups
  • Thursday: Developing a Clickable Prototype & User Testing Scenarios
  • Friday: User Testing & Gathering Feedback with our UX Expert


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