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Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Reduce Time-to-Market with our Fast & Agile Development Process

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"Working together, we were able to rapidly prototype and deploy a world-first insurance check-up algorithm. From the initial conceptualisation until the first live trials by users, it took us a rapid 3 months of close collaboration. Today Seraphin is still successfully using the same healthy technical foundations laid by Belighted. "

- Xavier Lombard, CEO, Seraphin

Get a functional version of your product with all core features, in only 4-8 weeks, ready to be tested with users.

What to expect from our unique development process:

  • Fast, efficient development - agile process.
  • Get started right away - no lengthy hiring delays: our team is ready to kick-start your project.
  • Functional minimum viable product - with all the core features and functionality.
  • Ready to test with real users - or to share with prospective investors.


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