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  • You feel alone.
  • You’re not sure where to start.
  • You don't know to how to build modern, user-friendly software.
  • You’re afraid of misusing the money you have saved.
  • You’re afraid of being too slow and losing out to a competitor.
  • You realise you probably won’t have a second chance.

Now imagine having the confidence that you will build the most useful software for your market, with the most efficient use of money and time.

Our proven process to get you from idea to a successful product

We have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs like you overcome their fears of building the wrong software, by accompanying them through our 4-stage process.

Together, we will make your idea evolve into a successful product.

  • Strategy workshop

    Let’s discuss your value proposition, target market and business model and come up together with a product plan you need to achieve your goals.

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  • Design sprint

    Let’s spend one intense week during which we will define and design together a customer-validated clickable prototype of your product.

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  • Minimum Viable Product

    Let’s build your functional minimum viable product over 4-8 weeks of agile development based on the prototype you give us.

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  • Growth

    Let’s improve your product with agile development sprints strategically prioritized on your customers’ needs.

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By following each of the stages, we will ensure that the product we build together is meeting the needs of your customers faster than your competitors, and that you don’t spend money on an unsellable product full of useless features.

Olivier gerardin valipat

Olivier Gérardin

CIO at Valipat

Working with Belighted helped us to take advantage of a powerful web framework to build a complete Information System. Our long term relationship helped us to achieve great goals and serve our ambition, thanks to loyal and skilled team.

Still have questions?

Put simply, we will adapt to whatever your budget is, and we will build together the best possible product within that budget. We will never go above your budget unless mutually agreed.

Our contracts legally ensure that you keep all your IP, and we have strong procedures to prevent knowledge leaks. Also, it is not our business model to try and compete with you; your success is in our direct interest. That being said, we believe you should not worry too much about this: an idea is usually only a small part of the success equation, and the exact same idea executed by two different founding teams will produce much different results. You should believe in you more that in your idea :)

When a startup is quickly growing, it makes total sense to build an internal team to allow for easy communication and fast reactivity to customer requests. But don’t put the cart before the horse: at the early stage, it is better to focus on reaching product-market fit - which our experience will help you with - rather than add the avoidable risk of wrong hires. We believe you should focus on your business and your market first. Later on, we will help you to transfer the knowledge when you hire an internal product team, thanks to our proven process.

It’s impossible and usually a wrong idea to try and define precisely a piece of software before it is built; it’s also impossible to predict its cost with 100% certainty. Besides, your needs and the market will evolve as the software is being built. An RFP encourages to to focus on the solution you have in mind (as a list of features), whereas you should think about the problem you’re trying to solve and let the market organically help you understand what they need. This is what our process is about. More explanations in this blog post.

You will always be able to find companies or freelancers with a lower hourly fee. But is the cost per hour the best metric? A developer can be 10 times more productive than another one just because they have solved a similar problem before. You want to maximize your chances of result, which is better achieved with experience and specialization in the startup world.

No, sorry. We are software product development specialists, not venture capitalists.

We don’t give discounts for any reason, even if you are a non-profit, even if the project is particularly long, or even if you can bring us a dozen of new leads after our collaboration. We treat all our customers with the same level of attention and strive to deliver the same level of quality.

Yes, but only our own template, made by our lawyers and which respects both parties equally. We have no issues with confidentiality and it is actually something we value a lot, but we have neither the time nor the means (we are not lawyers) to analyse legal documents that each customer or prospect would send us.

Design sprints and scoping workshops are invoiced upfront and have to be paid before the beginning of the mission.

Product development work (MVP and later stages) is done using agile methodologies based on hourly rates. We don’t do fixed-price projects. Our services are billed the last day of each month based on timesheets, and must be paid net 15.

Why Belighted?

We are a team of highly-skilled entrepreneurs, engineers, and designers passionate about innovation and technology.

We have been helping software innovators since 2008.

We also have launched our own software projects such as Monassoc (sold in 2010), Taskii, and Scale.

We read and write about software products every day. We know what we’re talking about.

Our thorough process only allows 1 new client per month. Don’t miss on the opportunity.