SaaS Development Trends in 2019

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SaaS Development Trends in 2019
SaaS Development

SaaS Development Trends in 2019

Nicolas Jacobeus
September 10, 2019

SaaS Development Trends in 2019

SaaS is rapidly evolving, shaped by technological advances and emerging consumer needs. Here are the 10 major SaaS trends worth knowing about.

1 - The incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI)

Only a few sectors can escape the rising tide of artificial intelligence and SaaS is no exception to this rule. The most commonly used AI applications? Software testing and chatbots.

2 - The growing need for API connections

API, or Application Programming Interface, has always been an integral part of business software. Today, these connections allow businesses to quickly add new dimensions to their software through the SaaS applications of their choice. The advantage of this major SaaS development trend? Fully customized software that perfectly meets business needs.

3 - The incorporation of blockchain

Today SaaS and blockchain operate at two different levels. In the future, developers will have to find a way to get them interacting more, such as facilitating B2B (Business to Business) payments and ensuring transparency.

4 - Payment models based on transactions

SaaS software is getting available today through a simple monthly subscription (seen the example below with SurveyMonkey). Things may rapidly change and transactional models take over. This is particularly true for businesses that offer short-deadline services, such as T-shirt printing or income tax returns.

SaaS Development Trends in 2019 - Payment models

5 - From SaaS to PaaS

Platform as a Service (PaaS) is establishing itself as a model for Cloud Computing, consisting of leasing a ready-to-use platform, in other words, a machine with a pre-installed operating system, which is a real time-saver for software developers, who can now focus their efforts on code with no need to secure or fine-tune their operating system.

6 - Vertical SaaS

While many developers concentrate their efforts on satisfying the growing needs of many business areas, others prefer to answer the needs of a specific industry. This is what we call Vertical SaaS, a business model that distinguishes itself through its ability to adapt and its excellent track record of customer retention.

7 - Micro SaaS

The SaaS market is attracting a growing number of entrepreneurs: today business people must find a way to stand out. The solution may be provided by Micro SaaS, a business model that targets niche markets and is run by a small team with a modest budget.

8 - An unparalleled mobile web experience

Naturally, the quality of the mobile web experience is one of the main SaaS development trends in 2019. More than 70% of digital media were visited from mobile terminals. This is also true for B2B and B2C.

9 - Content quality

As always, content quality is one of the major trends of SaaS development in 2019. The main difference with respect to previous years? The predominance of video content over written content.

10 - Voice response

SaaS Development Trends in 2019 - Voice response

The popularity of the connected home is driving the development of voice response. Today’s modern technology is able to easily recognize inflections in the human voice and so it is crucial to focus on this thriving sector. This is the price of the quality of user experience.

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