Why we love working with startups

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Why we love working with startups

Why we love working with startups

Nicolas Jacobeus
November 5, 2017

We love working with startups.

But if you’ve ever pursued a software development project with the founder of a startup, you know they can make difficult clients. The stakes are high. The timeline is fast. They have everything invested into their idea.

Of course we very much appreciate our larger clients. Bigger companies have stability, budgets and time on their side. We get to bring the innovation. It’s a comfortable partnership.

So what is it that we love about working with startups?

It’s the startup mindset we love

For a startup founder, it’s innovate or die. Someone who founds a startup will always shoot for something extraordinary.

It requires innovation, passion and ambition.

We are at our core a group of developers, analysts, and designers. But we are not here to just clock in and make a living. There is a whole layer of thinking that comes before the technical work. We listen to the customer who has this disruptive idea and imagine with them how it can become a product.

We convert their ideas into something that is programmable, something that has a real use.

We love that we work directly with the decision maker: the CEO, CMO or CTO. Our team thrives on the energy and passion they bring. We know the stakes are high for them, and it inspires us to care, to invest ourselves too.

We’ve had the opportunity to work with some really amazing startups, helping them launch or improve products that you may even be using today.

We want to change the world with our clients

Sure, you can find innovation at bigger companies. But you’ll also find bureaucracy. Decisions have to go through more people, and politics come into play.

For a startup founder, the work is more than a job. It’s life. They pour themselves into it, it’s their passion. They set out to change the world, and most fund it from their own pockets. They have assembled a small team and are lean and hungry.

A startup can start from nothing and build something that will make a difference, or disrupt something that’s not as good as it could be. They improve quality of life for people.

That’s what excites us about working with the startup founders who come to us. Belighted wants to change the world alongside its clients.

Our team is cultivated of people who embrace the startup mindset and culture. We are as proud of our team as we are of our clients. (By the way, we’re hiring!)

If you’re a startup and you’re wondering about working with us, find more information on how we help with a Scoping Workshop, a Design Sprint or MVP development.

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